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Customer roles at fiskaltrust

Both on this documentation platform and in our other marketing material, we try to clearly assign products, features and generally all applicable content to three specific customer/user groups. We do this to more clearly communicate which content is relevant for whom, and hence hopefully faster lead our users to the docs & material they need.

While we believe that this model works very well once it's understood, we also know that the learning curve might be quite steep in the beginning. Therefore, we summarized a quick overview about the three roles we use in the following section.


PosCreators produce and/or develop software - and in some cases hardware - for point-of-sale systems or cash registers.

They integrate the fiskaltrust.Middleware into their own software via our IPosinterface, and hence have a high level of technical understanding. PosCreators usually distribute their products via PosDealers; if they distribute their products themselves, these customers take both roles in our model (PosCreator and PosDealer). Points of contact with PosOperators only arise in special projects or via the PosDealers.

Our primary focus for this group is to provide documentation, integration support and especially great products to form a strong, development-focused partnership.


PosDealers are independent distributors who sell hard- and software for point-of-sales systems or cash registers to Posoperators.

They often are system integrators who compose Poshardware, software and operational services into the products they offer to the PosOperators. PosDealers resell different Possystems from multiple manufacturers (PosCreators) and support their customers in using them. They are therefore very experienced in sales, project management and customer service topics.

PosDealers may also add our add-on products (e.g. the carefree package) to their software bundles to provide an even better user experience and more safety to their customers.

Our primary focus for this group is to simplify rollout processes by providing services, tools, documentation and APIs for these cases.


PosOperators are the "end users" of Possystems, i.e. the businesses and persons who actually operate the Possystem in locations like shops. restaurants or hotels.

Usually, PosOperator have not direct relationship with fiskaltrust, as their direct contact for sales and support topic is the PosDealer, and the fiskaltrust.Middleware is just running in the background, integrated into the Possoftware. Only at the request of tax authorities or auditors, with the help of PosDealer, provide the data that meets the requirements of the tax regulations.

As a service provider, fiskaltrust is therefore not offering direct support for PosOperators. If you belong to this group, please reach out to your PosDealer.