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Overview - Buy & Resell


After reading this, you will know how to buy and resell fiskaltrust products.

fiskaltrust offers the license-free fiskaltrust.Middleware for PosCreators. You, as a PosDealer, can choose from fee-based add-ons (based on the fiskaltrust.Middleware) and individual products (independent of the fiskaltrust.Middleware) for your PosOperators.

For a current listing of our products, please refer to our product description.

As a PosDealer, do not buy products in the fiskaltrust.Portal, but so-called Entitlements, claims to the products, which you can transfer to the PosOperators individually and activate them per outlet.

To buy and resell fiskaltrust products, you have to:

  • Register in the fiskaltrust.Portal.
  • Sign the cooperation agreement as PosDealer.
  • Determine your need for products and product bundles.
  • If you plan to buy and resell more than ten carefree bundles, it is recommended to contact us to get a volume purchase agreement.
  • If your planned amount exceeds the standard credit limit, contact us.

Credit limit

With your activation of the PosDealer role, you get a credit limit in the fiskaltrust.Portal. Note that the limit in the productive system is significantly lower than in the sandbox.

Suppose the invoice amounts exceed the credit limit during rollout management or purchases in the store. In that case, a corresponding message will notify you of the credit limit when creating other offers. If it is impossible to settle the open invoices, contact us with a request to grant you a higher credit limit.

Volume purchase agreement

As mentioned in the section Business Model, fiskaltrust offers discounted prices if you agree to a particular purchase quantity. Therefore, you should consider this option if you plan to purchase ten or more product bundles. You find descriptions of fiskaltrust products and product bundles here.
If you are committing to purchase large quantities of product bundles of your choice over a year, a Volume Purchase Agreement is the best option. This agreement allows you to achieve significant discounts depending on your planned sales volume. The standard period is one year, but it can be agreed on individually.

How to get a volume purchase agreement

  • Contact fiskaltrust sales via email and state company name, contact, product name/number and the amount you need.
  • Our sales team will contact you and send you the volume purchase agreement, including the discount calculated.
  • Sign the volume purchase agreement and send it back to the sales team.
  • After successful confirmation, we will send the signed agreement back to you.
  • The ordered products will be placed in the fiskaltrust.Shop with the agreed prices and are ready to buy for your account.

Contact information and pricelists

Next steps

Once you have finished these preparations, you can purchase fiskaltrust products in two ways:

  • Rollout Plans: The most straightforward way, but not available for all products and markets.
  • Shop: Available for all markets and products

How to manage your purchased subscriptions: