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We created this documentation for cash register dealers (PosDealers). It describes the steps recommended by fiskaltrust for the successful purchase, resale, rollout and support of our products.

Sections of this documentation

You, as a PosDealer, can learn more about our business fundamentals in the Business Basics section or look them up later. There, you will also find details about the fiskaltrust.Portal, the countries where we offer our services and their Fair Use Policies.

Before rolling out a POS System at a customer site, you need a playground to thoroughly test the services and products. At Getting Started, we explain the concept of our Sandbox. Registration and use are free of charge. After that, you will get familiar with Company Roles and Operator Onboarding and follow My First Cashbox to create your first demo setup.

With Buy/Resell, you can expand your knowledge of our business model. You will learn how to make a Volume purchase agreement for which Products. With Rollout Management, rollouts at the PosOperator succeed in a standardized manner and with the Shop in a highly individualized way.

In the Technical Operations section, you will find Scenarios for using our products for different requirements. Also, in-depth details on Middleware and Rollout Automation avoid time-consuming problems with Troubleshooting or Maintenance.

fiskaltrust provides you as PosDealer with Information sources. On the one hand, you will find the Knowledge Base in the fiskaltrust.Portal, possible Cases at our support, contractual information and various exports for download. On the other hand, efficiently using this documentation, read our News and learn more about other information sources such as Webinars and Videos. If Contacting support should be necessary, we will help you prepare your request to best support the process.

If you are still getting familiar with the used expressions or want to reassure your understanding of our usage of them, look at the Terminology.

Target audience

We created this documentation for all employees of PosDealers that are involved in working with fiskaltrust's products. While most of the information published here is technical- or business-driven, distinctive sections may be relevant for other target audiences like members of legal departments.

Below, we've composed a list of specific reader groups and the recommended reading for those:

Target audienceOverviewGet startedBuy / ResellTechnical OperationsInformation Sources
Project Managers and support staff✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Rollout technicians and testers✔️✔️---✔️✔️
Procurement, Sales and Account Managers✔️---✔️------
Legal department✔️---✔️------