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Overview - Business Basics


After reading this, you can explain fiskaltrust's business basics.


This Business Basics section of our PosDealers documentation overviews our POS solution for checkout and receipt processes. You, as a PosDealer, can offer your customers (PosOperators) Compliance-as-a-Service and more with our solution.
This section lists the supported countries and services. In addition, you will find more details about our management hub for PosDealers, the fiskaltrust.Portal and the fiskaltrust.Middleware. You will also find details about our Fair Use Policy.


The prerequisite for the smooth use of our solution is integrating the desired PosSystem in the fiskaltrust.Portal by a PosCreator. Furthermore, PosDealers and PosOperators should ensure the master data in the fiskaltrust.Portal is complete and corresponds to the registration with the tax authorities.

We recommend testing the First Steps in the Sandbox to learn the necessary steps.