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After reading this, you can explain in which countries fiskaltrust operates.

As an IT service provider, fiskaltrust supports manufacturers (PosCreators) and dealers (PosDealers) of cash registers (POS Systems) in the fiscalization of their recording systems in compliance with tax regulations. In addition, we offer PosCreators a license-free interface for a simple and legally compliant cash register connection.

As a PosDealer, you receive support with additional functions for automation and optimization of fiscalization.
fiskaltrust is proud to offer its services in several countries for over 25.000 companies.

Country-specific information

Our goal is to store all data in the country where the respective middleware instance operates. For this reason, we have hosted the fiskaltrust.Portal and the associated backend systems separately. As a PosDealer, this means that the URLs of the country-specific portals are different and that you use an account with your access data for each country-specific portal.

In addition to our global website, we also offer country-specific information about our products and services on the market website listed below.