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Getting Started Guide for POS Creators


This guide describes on a high level the stages, which a PosCreatorshould achieve, to ensure a successful completion of the journey, from the integration of the fiskaltrust.Middleware into the POS-System, to a phase of pilot installations.

The success of this journey can be achieved through the completion of the following stages:

integration phases

Useful resources

Before proceeding with this guide, you may consider getting familiar with the content of the following useful resources:

Note: you can find more useful resources in the Further sources of information section at the end of this document.

1. fiskaltrust.Portal Registration

1.1 Overview

The fiskaltrust.Portal is a web application which offers features required to easily manage the functions necessary for the configuration and operation of your POS-Systems. The fiskaltrust.Portal is accessible via common Internet browsers, however, if your browser does not display some content correctly, or features are not available or not behaving as expected, try using the current version of Google Chrome.

There are 2 instances of fiskaltrust.Portal:

Important Notes:

  • In order to receive the free support from fiskaltrust you must register in our live portal.
  • No tests should be performed on the Live portal!
  • The sandbox registration is needed for conducting all test activities and does not qualify for support!

1.2 Registration steps

The registration steps on both, the sandbox and the live portal, are identical. Simply complete the registration form, confirm your email, and sign the cooperation agreement.

1.3 Company data and cooperation agreement

As soon as you have registered in the portal, a form for selecting your role will be displayed. Select the option " PosCreator " and sign our cooperation agreement by entering your name in the input field. If you are also a PosDealer, please select that role as well.

By registering in the live fiskaltrust.Portal and digitally signing our cooperation agreement, you are now entitled to access our free support for setup questions and onboarding. You can reach our Support Team at

2. Middleware Integration

There are several steps which must be followed to successfully integrate your solution with fiskaltrust.Middleware. Those steps include the CashBox Configuration, using the Middleware Launcher, and testing of the communication. Please check our fiskaltrust.Middleware document for detailed information about this process.

3. PosDealer Onboarding

Once you were able to test the integration and successfully establish a communication with the fiskaltrust.Middleware by sending simple requests and receiving correct expected responses, you are now ready to start engaging your PosDealers into discussion about the details of the specific implementation of your POS-System, and agree on the suitable rollout scenarios.

It is important to involve your PosDealers as early as possible, because they have to perform the following steps, among others, before they can roullout the fiskaltrust.Middleware to the PosOperators:

  1. Register in the fiskalttrust.Portal and there digitally sign a cooperation agreement with fiskaltrust.
  2. Depending on the circumstances, request and sign framework agreements for the purchase of products with fiskaltrust.
  3. Invite the PosOperators to the fiskaltrust.Portal so that they can sign the usage agreement for the fiskaltrust.Middleware.
  4. Request access rights to the PosOperator's fiskaltrust.Account so that the PosDealer can redeem and activate the product entitlements purchased from fiskaltrust
  5. Request access rights to the PosOperator's fiskaltrust.Account so that the PosDealer can configure the fiskaltrust.Middleware instance to be installed on behalf of the operator.
  6. For the correct DSFInV-K export the information of the POS-System needs to be connected by the PosDealer with the master data of the PosOperator.
  7. Technical planning and preparation for rollout together with the POS Creator.

These steps can be very time consuming. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you inform your PosDealers as early as possible and especially invite them to register in the fiskaltrust.Portal.

3.1 POS Dealer fiskaltrust.Portal Invitation Process


The steps below explain how to create a PosSystem in the fiskaltrust.Portal. These steps are mandatory to make sure that all required properties are set in country-specific exports, like e.g. the DSFinV-K in Germany.

To assist you with the invitation of the POS Dealers, we have automated the invitation process in our fiskaltrust.Portal. Simply navigate to POS-Systems and click on Add. Next, provide the Designation, Brand, and Type for your POS-System, select its Cash Register Type, and save the data. Once the POS-System has been created, find it on the list of available POS-Systems and click the PosDealer button, which will open the list of connected Pos Dealers. Next, click Add, provide the email of the POS Dealer whom you'd wish to invite, and click Search fiskaltrust.Portal you will have the option to assign that company to your POS-System. If no data of that POS Dealer has been found in the system,you will be presented with the Company Registration Form. Completing the form will result in an invitation email sent to the POS Dealer. Such email will contain a link allowing to complete the registration process within the fiskaltrust.Portal. There is a step by step explanantion of the POS-System management in the dealer documentation POsSystem

3.2 Rollout Scenarios

As the approach to the rollout highly depends on the implementation, the components, and the capabilities of your POS-System, you should select the appropriate rollout scenario and discuss it with your POS Dealers, to ensure their sufficient levels of knowledge and understanding required for the successful execution of the rollout process.

The rollout has 2 separate areas, the buy- and resell part, and the technical rollout, which are both covered in the the PosDealer area of this documentation.

The technical stage requires a close collaboration of the technical experts from both sides: yours and the POS Dealer's. You will discuss the details of the implementation, agree on the approach for rollout automation and templating, and select the best strategy for the rollout based on the appropriate rollout scenario. We have documented examples of different rollout scenarios in our documentation portal.

3.3 Rollout Automation

You should help the POS Dealer to automate the rollout process as much as possible for example by preparing a configuration Template and discussing its details with the POS Dealer. A Template, which can be added in the fiskaltrust.Portal or executed via API, contains the details of a pre-configured CashBox with all its components. It is used to automatically create similar CashBoxes for the PosOperators. Such templates can be used among other fiskaltrust tools and features to automate, and therefore to significantly speed-up the rollout process. You can find the details of the automation options and templating in our documentation portal.

4. Complex Business Case Analysis

Each industry may have several specific and complex business cases which require a special handling in terms of requests sent to the fiskaltrust.Middleware. If you require assistance establishing the proper handling of such complex business cases in the implementation of your POS-System, please write us an email to our PosCreator support mailbox at, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

5. Pilot Installation

Once the rollout strategy has been selected and the approach to automation of the rollout (e.g. templating) has been agreed, it's time for you and the PosDealer to test it with selected PosOperator(s). Such pilot installation(s) should provide you with sufficient feedback, to allow early identification of problems and their possible resolutions, before handing over to the PosDealer for mass rollout to multiple PosOperators.

6. Handover for Rollout

Once all previous stages have been completed, all preparations are done, the communication with fiskaltrust.Middleware works, the rollout strategy has been agreed, and the pilot installation(s) have been successfully executed, you are now ready to handover for rollout to your PosDealers. The goal of this stage is about reaching an agreement with the PosDealers that they are ready to start the rollout to the PosOperators.

Further sources of information