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There are certain word combinations or terms that are used in our documentation.

Terms in our documentationsExplanation
fiskaltrust.AccountA company registered in the fiskaltrust.portal, which can, for example, close the agreement as PosOperator, PosDealer or PosCreator.
fiskaltrust.ActionJournalThis list collects all operational incidents by special receipts, further date and time of start or failure of the fiskaltrust.Middleware.
fiskaltrust.AustriaThe Austrian subsidiary of fiskaltrust.
fiskaltrust.CashBoxIs a virtual configuration container for an outlet with multiple POS-Systems or one single POS-System. It is a visual presentation of the fiskaltrust.Middleware. Let’s take the middleware as a kind of Blackbox for the developer to encapsulate the national laws for the POS-System.
fiskaltrust.CloudThe fiskaltrust.Middleware mirrors the data as part of the fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanism into the fiskaltrust.Cloud.
fiskaltrust.Communityfiskaltrust basically focuses on PosCreators to form a community and to PosDealers as partners.
fiskaltrust.DocsDocumentation information grouped by
fiskaltrust.EntitlementA product claim that can be purchased in advance and delivered as an actual product at a later date.
fiskaltrust.FranceThe French subsidiary of fiskaltrust.
fiskaltrust.GermanyThe German subsidiary of fiskaltrust.
fiskaltrust.HelipadCentral point of the API for configuration purposes and data upload, accessible on
fiskaltrust.HelperHelpers are modules which are extending the CashBox with further functionality.
fiskaltrust.iPOSStandardized interface for connecting cash registers with the fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanism.
fiskaltrust.JournalFacility for electronic storage of receipts on a storage device. The internal storage is done in a high-accuracy data format. A wide range of national provisions are managed in parallel.
fiskaltrust.LauncherThe bootstrap part of fiskaltrust.Middleware, which handles the overall service launch as well as any relevant version upgrades of the configured fiskaltrust.Middleware components.
fiskaltrust.MiddlewareMiddleware is a type of computer software that provides services to software applications beyond those available from the operating system. In this case it offers the possibility to use the fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanism with national laws with an unified interface.
fiskaltrust.NewsInformation for PosCreators and PosDealers grouped by for Austria , for Germany or for France.
fiskaltrust.NewsletterInformation for PosCreators and/or PosDealers on current topics sent out from the national markets via E-Mail.
fiskaltrust.PackagesPackage repository from where fiskaltrust.Middleware obtains the configured software components.
fiskaltrust.Partnerfiskaltrust basically focusses on PosCreators to form a community and to PosDealers as partners.
fiskaltrust.PortalMarket dependent portal where all configuration settings and the relevant extensions are managed.
fiskaltrust.PortalSandboxThe sandbox has exactly the same functions as the live system of fiskaltrust. You can access it with the URL for Austria, for France or for Germany. In the sandbox, you can register with your company data, just like in the real system, the only difference is: The fiskaltrust.sandbox is used to learn and try out all the functions of the fiskaltrust.portal without entering into any legal obligations.
fiskaltrust.PosArchiveThe general product for archiving the data in respect of national laws. This archive stores the data transferred by the fiskaltrust.Middleware for a period depending on the national market.
fiskaltrust.ProductVia the fiskaltrust.Portal PosDealers and PosOperators can reach a shop. In this shop, several Products and Templates are offered.
fiskaltrust.Queue(General) The storage or receipt-chain for all receipts sent to the fiskaltrust.Middleware. A queue must be connected to an SCU and is needed for activating the fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanism as well as the StartReceipt. To deactivate a queue a StopReceipt must be sent from the POS-System.(terminology)Receipt processing equipment to guarantee required serial recording of receipts internally using continuous numbering of receipts and independent control of the cumulative counter. These components become an integral part of all processed receipts. (France) Guarantees independent control of the cumulative counters and totals of periods: shift, daily, monthly, yearly and perpetual. These components become an integral part of all processed receipts.
fiskaltrust.ReceiptJournalThe ReceiptJournal is used to record, hash, and chain all requests to the fiskaltrust.Middleware and the resulting responses. The first part of the returned ReceiptIdentification is an upcounting number generated by ReceiptJournal.
fiskaltrust.SCUThe SCU (Signature Creation Unit) is a component of the fiskaltrust.Middleware which is responsible for signing the receipt using the applicable third party signature mechanism (i.e. an SSCD or a digital certificate).
fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanismThe information according to national laws necessary for processing of a receipt is provided through the configuration of fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanism.
fiskaltrust.ShopAfter registration in the portal, Entitlements on fiskaltrust products can be purchased in the shop, provided that a credit limit has been agreed.
fiskaltrust.SignatureBoxA pre-configured hardware solution with a network interface and a signature creation device.
fiskaltrust.SignatureCardThe fiskaltrust.SignatureCard consists of a Smart Card, which stores the certificate, and of a reader, which can be: an external device attached to the machine using a USB cable, or an internal device installed inside the machine.
fiskaltrust.SignatureCloudThe fiskaltrust.SignatureCloud is a pure online solution. The receipt linking as well as the signature creation are handled entirely online.
fiskaltrust.StaffEmployees of fiskaltrust
fiskaltrust.SupportEmployees of fiskaltrust gmbh, in Germany the Customer Success Team that help PosDealers and PosCreators to solve problems.
fiskaltrust.WebinarA Q&A session for PosCreators from all markets or technical onboarding for PosCreators
General termsExplanation
AccountAccessTokenAPI access credential Token for the account. Can be found on the Account overview page in the portal.
AccountIDAPI access credential ID for the account. Can be found on the Account overview page in the portal.
CashBoxAccessTokenAPI access credential Token for the CashBox. Can be found on the CashBox Configuration page in the portal.
CashBoxIdAPI access credential ID for the CashBox. Can be found on the CashBox Configuration page in the portal.
CashBoxIdentificationValue to identify the Queue. Can be found on the Queue Configuration page in the portal.
ChargeItemsAre products or information lines in the product table of the receipt. In the JSON-structure of a receipt they are used as an array. Each element contains the necessary information on the specific product like name, quantity, price, VAT, VAT-amount, unit price, …
Compliance-as-a-Servicefiskaltrust meets regulatory compliance mandates for PosOperators.
ftPosSystemIdFieldname in Middleware (Notation in API-Documentation)
hardware- or cloud-based TSEIn Germany, hardware-based or cloud-based TSE are required for POS-Systems.
HelperA Helper is a module extending the fiskaltrust.Middleware. For example, to change the SQLite database that is usually used to a MS-SQL or to enable the REST protocol instead of SOAP.
Knowledge base articlesIn the fiskaltrust.Portal is a help-section, where PosDealers and PosCreators find answers and solutions for several problems.
OutletThe outlet is a shop, subsidiary, branch of a company owned by the PosOperator. This is the place where a Pos-System physically resists.
POS-SystemSoftware of the PosOperator
PayItemsAre means of payment or information lines in the table of payment methods of the receipt. In the JSON-structure of a receipt they are used as an array. Each element contains the necessary information on the specific payment method like name, quantity, amount, …
PosCreatorA PosCreator is a software developer who develops Pos-Systems, software for vending machines or, ERPs, PMS, or cash registers in general. This company integrates the fiskaltrust.Middleware to archive easy and reliable compliance with the French law. The PosCreator has access to 2nd and 3rd level support of fiskaltrust. In Germany KassenHersteller.
PosDealerA PosDealer is a company buying vending machines, Pos-Systems, or cash registers from one or more PosCreators. On the one hand a PosDealer has an in-depth knowledge of the functionality of the Pos-Systems. On the other hand, he knows best his clients and their infrastructure. The PosDealer configures and sells the fiskaltrust.Middleware and fiskaltrust.Products in addition to the Pos-System. The PosDealer can contact the 1st and 2nd level support with questions concerning the products and configuration. In Germany KassenHändler.
PosOperatorThe PosOperator is a company selling their products or services to the final clients. The company uses one or more cash registers, Pos-Systems, vending machines to record all their business transactions. In case of an audit (fiscal control) this company must provide several information (e.g. certificate of the Pos-System, fiscal archives, …) to the auditor. The PosOperator is using the Pos-System and fiskaltrust.Products bought from his PosDealer(s). The PosOperator has no access to the fiskaltrust.Support. In Germany KassenBetreiber.
ReceiptIs a document sent to the fiskaltrust.Middleware or issued by a Pos-System.
ReceiptCaseThe Pos-System transfers the data of an entire receipt request to the fiskaltrust.Middleware using the ReceiptRequest data structure. To identify the kind of receipt or even special receipt, the ReceiptCase is of the highest importance for the correct processing. This field defines the receipt type, determines if the receipt must be secured accordingly to the national law, and establishes the way to calculate the correct values for each national counter. A complete list of receipts cases for France can be found in the documentation.
Signature Creation Unit – SCUIs the core component of the fiskaltrust.SecurityMechanism. The SCU is connected to an outlet and based on the SIRET. In the SCU, an electronic certificate is stored, which is used for signing the data sent to the fiskaltrust.Middleware. Once an SCU is connected to a Queue it can’t be changed.
SignatureItemsAre answer elements to a request sent to the fiskaltrust.Middleware. In the JSON-structure of a response, they are used as an array. Each element contains a Data and Caption element. Both elements must be printed without any change on a receipt.
Special-ReceiptsAre used to send a command to the fiskaltrust.Middleware or save/export data in the Queue. The Zero-Receipt is a receipt without any products or means of payment and so no amount on it. Two types are allowed only once during operation of a Queue: The StartReceipt starts the queue and should be the first receipt sent by the POS-System. After this receipt the fiskaltrust.Middleware signs any received data. The StopReceipt is the counterpart for the StartReceipts. It ends the signing in the queue and finishes to work with the POS-System. After sending it, the queue can never be reinitialised.
TSE-as-a-ServiceOne of our Products guarantees the availability of an functional TSE for a POS-System.