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After reading this, you can explain what kind of products fiskaltrust offers.


fiskaltrust offers an end-to-end solution for your POS System to ensure it issues receipts in a legal and fiscally compliant way. The portfolio comprises a comprehensive stack of software and services around fiscal compliance** and provides a unified approach across countries and markets.

The core components are the Middleware for signing and tracking receipts and the portal for managing the service. Additionally, a range of supporting services, third-party interfaces, and SaaS subscriptions are offered.

The following paragraphs will provide you with a brief overview on these topics.


The Middleware is a multi-platform software solution that complements your POS System and provides the core service of signing POS receipts using the relevant and required national signing mechanisms. The fiskaltrust.Middleware also keeps track of receipts in a secure and auditable fashion and ensures its relevant portal information is kept up to date.

The fiskaltrust.Middleware is one of the centerpieces of the fiskaltrust stack and is available for all supported countries. It provides a single, standardized, and unified communication interface, which significantly simplifies rollouts in new markets.

The fiskaltrust.Middleware features a REST interface for communication with your POS Systems. It is available for on-premise deployment on platforms supporting .NET and Android and an off-premise SaaS solution. For the latter, please see Hosted Middleware for further details.


The fiskaltrust.Portal is your central management tool for the entire fiskaltrust stack. It is a web-based platform and allows you to e.g. manage your account, configure your Middleware instances, download deployment packages, and access and process your business data.

Revision-Safe Receipt Archive

The archive service is an optional and chargeable add-on product. It enables your middleware instance to use archive functions. After activating an archive service, the middleware saves new receipts in the archive, which persists them in a secure and tamper-proof receipt chain.
The receipt chain can be retrieved and exported at any time via the portal (e.g., for a tax audit) and stored as long as national regulations require.

Exports & third-party Interfaces

An active archive service package will allow you to export your data using the portal in various formats relevant to the applicable national regulations.

In addition to manual exports, the fiskaltrust.Portal supports the integration of third-party services. This integration transparently allows data to be replicated from fiskaltrust accounts to accounts at other service providers. The availability of third-party services depends on your country and may require additional service subscriptions.

Hosted Middleware

In some countries, fiskaltrust offers a SaaS version of the Middleware, allowing your POS System to sign and manage receipts without the need of installing and maintaining additional software. In this case, your POS System will connect to the fiskaltrust-hosted Middleware via an encrypted, HTTPS-secured Internet connection. These setups are managed exclusively via the fiskaltrust.Portal.

Service Availability

Service availability is subject to national requirements and restrictions in each market.


Where applicable, fiskaltrust offers dedicated signing services as backend for the Middleware, providing the required receipt signature data blocks according to the relevant national regulations. These are subscription-based services which, typically, come in the form of leased hardware dongles (SSCDs) or access to SaaS platforms.

Service Availability

Service availability is subject to national requirements and restrictions in each market.