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My First Cashbox


After reading this, you can create a CashBox and have a functioning fiskaltrust.Middleware instance.


Our fiskaltrust.Portal supports you as a PosDealer with two options to create your first CashBox.
We recommend Rollout plans as our deployment wizards in the fiskaltrust.Portal. With Rollout Plans, you enjoy high security when creating, buying and setting up CashBoxes and related components for your PosOperators. Additionally, you save time by being able to select several PosOperators as well as several outlets at the same time.

If you want to create a configuration manually, first read the Architecture section to learn more about the components needed to create a CashBox then follow the guide for Manual Configuration.

Both options require legally or commercially necessary preparations. These have been described and explained previously in this documentation. In the section Prerequisites, you will find them again summarized.


Please make sure you use your Sandbox account. So you avoid a bill on your account.

If you don't have one yet, please get in touch with your PosCreator for invitation details or register a new PosDealer Sandbox account yourself.



Before we roll out our Middleware instance, the following prerequisites must be in place:

  • A working Internet connection (please see Network Requirements)
  • An active PosDealer account (either by registration or by invitation through your PosCreator) at the fiskaltrust.Portal (Sandbox). Then, as a PosDealer, you can check PosSystems too to ensure that a PosSystemId is available. Note that this menu item is not available in the account of PosOperators.
  • A checked set of Master Data and at least one outlet (please see Master Data)
  • If you use a local middleware installation, a system meeting the hardware and software requirements
  • Any SSCD components (hardware or SaaS credentials) required for the setup, unless created during the setup itself

Rollout Plans

Business Rollout

A rollout plan typically follows these five steps:

  1. Select the product you'd like to roll out.
  2. Select one or more PosOperators for which you plan the rollout.
  3. Select one or more outlets where you want to perform the rollout.
  4. Create a quote and load the quote into your shopping cart
  5. Perform the checkout

For this setup, we choose a fiskaltrust.Carefree plan. The fiskaltrust.Carefree plan will create a Carefree bundle including an OnlineSignature SCU. For a quick tutorial, we refrain from choosing a PosOperator and its outlets but assign the bundle to your account and outlet.

To start the Business rollout, log into your portal account and proceed with the following steps.

  1. Open your the rollout management page from Rollout Management / Plan (Sandbox link) in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Select Business Rollout - Rolling out products.
  3. Filter for CloudCashbox.
  4. Select the plan 4154-0005. This plan will create a Carefree bundle and a CloudCashbox for immediate use.
  5. Instead of selecting a PosOperator, choose Perform the rollout for the current account on top.
  6. Tick the desired outlet where you would like to roll out the product.
  7. Click Submit Selection.
  8. Click Create quote - this will take a few seconds. Once the quote is ready, the button will change to Load quote into cart.
  9. Click Load quote into cart to place the quote into your shopping cart.
  10. Verify that the items in your shopping cart match the selected products.
  11. Click Checkout.
  12. Click binding order to complete the order.

At this point, should have the order listed under Shop / Orders. Finishing the order can take a couple of minutes, but once it has been completed, there should be the following items active in your account

Running a test request

Once the Middleware has been deployed and started, it is advisable to perform a quick check if the Middleware is generally available and responds to requests.

For that purpose, the Middleware features an echo/ping request type that responds with the received data. If you successfully get a response, the Middleware should also be ready to accept your signing requests.

postman collection

For Postman, you can download a request collection from the Github repository.

Request details

To perform an "echo" request, you will need to send a POST request to the configured Middleware URL, with the path /json/Echo. That request takes a JSON string in its request body, containing the message string you'd like to receive back from the Middleware.

For example, to send Hello fiskaltrust.Middleware! as a request string, we'd be sending the following request body along with the POST request.

"Hello fiskaltrust.Middleware!"

The following HTTP request example would send the above's string to the Middleware.

POST /json/Echo HTTP/1.1
Host: localhost
Content-Length: 31
Content-Type: application/json

"Hello fiskaltrust.Middleware!"

The response to your request should have a status code of 200 and contain the exact string you sent in the request in the response body.


You can find the full details on the request and its parameters (along with a curl example) here.