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After reading this, you can explain how to use the sandbox environment for test and demo setups.


The Sandbox is fiskaltrust's "playground". It features the same functionality as the live system but allows you to freely try out the Middleware, the portal, and all other associated systems at no cost.

Key differences are

  • No credit limits need to be set up by the sales team
  • Activating paid features does not require any payment
  • It only issues fiscally non-compliant test signatures
  • There is no SLA in place

The Sandbox system is entirely separate from the live system; there is no data transmission between the two systems. Unfortunately, that also means you'll need separate accounts for each system, and a CashBox created in the Sandbox cannot be used for production and vice versa.


Make sure to never deploy a Sandbox CashBox on your production system. Its signatures are not fiscally compliant and will not pass an audit.

Receipts signed in a Sandbox context are required to print the Sandbox signature.

How to reach the Sandbox

Generally, all sandboxed systems follow the nomenclature of their live system counterparts but come with a -sandbox suffix in their name (i.e. portal portal-sandbox).

You can find the Sandbox instance of the Austrian portal at


Please note that your live system login credentials will not work for the Sandbox, and you will need to register a new account at