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Products & Services Overview


After reading this, you can explain the products fiskaltrust offers.

On top of its free core product - fiskaltrust.Middleware - fiskaltrust also offers several additional services and subscriptions which are based on the Middleware and expand its functionality and feature set.

These products may differ between the markets we operate in, as they're designed to solve the different problems the respective country's laws and regulations implicate. However, they can be grouped into some categories, which are described in this area of the documentation.

fiskaltrust currently provides the following kinds of products:

First, the products listed below are usually available in market-specific product bundles. In these bundles, we package all relevant products that are required to be fully legally compliant without any further requirements, providing carefree fiscalization.

The Middleware is the free core product that is used to fiscalize receipts and abstract signing devices and services. It's either running in the cloud or directly at the user (on-premise).

Those above signing devices and services are also distributed by fiskaltrust. We work closely with our partners to ensure that we make obtaining legally required signing as easy as possible - either by providing hosted signing services where applicable or by re-distributing 3rd-party devices or services via our shop.

Add-on products for archiving can be used to securely store POS data in revision-safe storage, which is required in most countries where fiscalization laws are in place.

The integration of third-party services into our products enables partners to benefit from the international, generic Middleware interface and can e.g., be used to provide end-to-end receipt handling from the POS System into accounting (DATEV MeinFiskal).

If required by law, fiskaltrust also takes care of tax authority notifications, e.g., when a POS System is initialized or decommissioned.

In countries where professional services are beneficial, fiskaltrust, e.g., offers consulting or certification support. However, this is only the case in France, where POS Systems must be certified.