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Tax authority notifications

Products including tax authority notifications give you the possibility to perform these necessary notifications in an easy and legally compliant way. As these depend on local regulations, the products are highly country-specific.

To perform the necessary notification to FinanzOnline and receipt audit, you must purchase a product that includes these services. The taxpayer is responsible for these notifications being performed and must check successful completion before the expiration of the deadline. Fiskaltrust assumes no liability if a notification has not been performed. However, as a PosDealer, you can only achieve the necessary processes if all prerequisites are met (e.g., correct FinanzOnline Access Tokens in the fiskaltrust.Portal). It is included in the fiskaltrust.Carefree Bundle.

For more details for you as a PosDealer, see FinanzOnline Management

Bundles (including all single products)

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