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Signing devices and services

Signing receipts is the main functionality of the Middleware and the core of fiscalization regulations in general. Depending on the country of operation, receipts can be signed by software services or by hardware devices.

As part of our carefree fiscalization approach, fiskaltrust aims to provide both variants, either by hosting appropriate solutions ourselves (like in Austria) re-distributing existing solutions in the market (like in Germany), or handling software-based signing directly in the Middleware (like in France). However, all three approaches have the common trait that PosDealers can now obtain the best-matching signing solution for their scenarios via the Portal's shop.

Country-specific variants

As signing is the most country-specific aspect of fiscalization, the variants available in each country naturally highly differ. Please select the market you're interested in below for further details.



The fiskaltrust.RK-Online is a yearly, subscription-based online service for signing receipts with the Middleware.

a-trust a.sign RK Chip Smart Card

The a-trust a.sign RK Chip Smart Card is a smart-card-based signing solution for signing receipts with the Middleware.


The fiskaltrust.HSM products provide HSM-based (hardware security module) based signing for different performance scenarios on a yearly subscription basis for signing receipts with the Middleware.

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RKSV sign

The RKSV sign product is a signing-only solution for POS systems that already implemented the fiscalization regulations of Austria.

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