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Troubleshooting Guide


After reading this, you can follow a structured way to determine the source of the problem.


Unfortunately, you cannot always avoid problems in complex processes. Please use this Troubleshooting Guide on your way to solve or describe an issue. If you cannot solve the problem with the described steps, you have at least reduced waiting times and possible queries if you need to contact the Customer Success Team. The fiskaltrust Customer Success Team will be happy to handle your requests if you are a PosDealer or a PosCreator. However, since we do not know the respective constellations of the POS Systems on-site and therefore cannot advise, we have to refer PosOperators to their PosDealer. Country-specific exceptions or individual cases are possible, but as a rule, PosOperators receive high-quality support from their PosDealer in a short time.

Work steps

In case users run into issues or problems while using our products, we recommend going through the following steps (in the order below):

Number 1We recommend in case of requests to read the KBA and the FAQ, see country-specific information below for details.
Number 2If the middleware or any related services have no connection to the internet, please note at first the description of network requirements. See network troubleshooting in case of further problems.
Number 3Among other things, fiskaltrust.Portal also offers you an overview of the status of cashboxes, lists exception errors and provides detailed information for error analysis. Please note CashBox failures
Number 4If the steps mentioned above are not sufficient to solve the problem, please feel free to reach out to fiskaltrust Customer Success Team.
In some cases, fiskaltrust.Support will ask for a log file or a memory dump to investigate a problem in more detail. If required, our Customer Success Team can provide you with a link to where you can deposit the data and inform you what data you should collect.

Country-specific information

Knowledge base articles and FAQs may differ per country, as users may run into problems that are often related to country-specific fiscalization regulations or specific products. Therefore, please refer to the information sources for the respective country listed below.


For technical guidelines and everyday problems, please refer to the Knowledge Base (located in the Help section of the fiskaltrust.Portal)


You will find explanations for Country-specific regulations in detail in the FAQ. Please use the keyword search there.( section.