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Contacting support


After reading this, you can decide when and how to get support.


Unfortunately, you can not always avoid problems in complex processes. Please use fiskaltrust's documentation or other sources of information explained below for any tasks.
This procedure will help you avoid waiting times if you need to contact support. Fiskaltrust's Customer Success Team will be happy to handle your requests if you are a PosDealer or a PosCreator. However, since we do not know the respective constellations of POS-Systems on-site and can therefore provide advice, we must always refer PosOperators to their PosDealer.

Note the country-specific E-Mail address below to contact fiskaltrust's Customer Success Team.

To track your requests, please refer to the Cases section.

Work steps

All our learning in discussions, requests, or how-to`s result in knowledge base articles, FAQ (see Country-specific information) or releases.

FirefightingPlease note the SLA(Service Level Agreement) in the fiskaltrust.Portal (Tools / Download)
Account managementThe link behind If you have forgotten your password, please click here leads you or your PosOperators to a password reset service.
OnboardingPlease note the section Get started
Gathering customer feedbackPlease note the sections knowledge base. Further, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts about improvements and fixes, that are described in our release notes.
Updating customersCheck your inbox for the newsletters, that are sent to PosDealers and posCreators. Further note the section News and the FAQ.

Country-specific information

Account Management


Please note that your live system login credentials will not work for the Sandbox and vice versa.
You will need to register an account at as well as

password reset service

Forgot Password


Please refer to the detailed step-by-step instructions, which you can find in the Help Section of the fiskaltrust.Portal knowledge-base. KBA


You will find explanations for Country-specific regulations in detail in the FAQ. Please use the keyword search there. Frequently asked questions

Customer Services

As a PosCreator or as a PosDealer, you can contact fiskaltrust's Customer Success Team.

  • If you as a PosOperator have any questions about the products that are best for you, problems using our portal or general application questions, please primarily contact your PosDealer.
    Some PosOperators have worked directly with fiskaltrust in the past. These continue to contact fiskaltrusts Customer Success Team directly. Please understand that we assign a different priority to your requests than to those PosCreators or PosDealers who represent several customers at the same time.
  • A call center will answer any call. The agents will create a ticket, as will any E-Mail you send to the country-specific address below.
  • When we work on your ticket and create a case, you will receive a confirmation via E-Mail.
  • In the help-section of the fiskaltrust.Portal, you will find the option to check the cases that have been assigned to your company.

You will speed up the processing of your request if you include the following in your E-Mail:

  • Description of the problem: what have you done, what did you expect, what was the result?
  • the accounts involved with actual names and/or AccountId's (see [Company]/ Master data)
  • the roles in the use
  • the source of information or the routine you used in vain to solve your request yourself.
Call Center+43 1 5330 330