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After reading this, you can download your contracts, general information and archives.


In our fiskaltrust.Portal, you can use three sources for downloads.

You will find Contracts in the overview of the chosen account ([COMPANY] / Overview). These files are the same sent to you by E-Mail attachment at the conclusion or a contract change. Primarily, these are the contracts for the agreed roles, the user agreements or, in the case of PosDealers, cooperation agreements. If you concluded user agreements with third parties, you find these here as well - please note any different, country-specific options for this.

The tools section summarizes two other download options:

  • General information such as procedural documentation, SLA and price lists is available in the Downloads section (Tools / Downloads). These are available for selection depending on the target group. Furthermore, you will find general information such as certificates, brochures and scripts depending on the country.

  • Either manually or automatically prepared, Archives are available as Exports (Tools / Exports).

Work steps

Find contracts

Number 1Log in to the desired account
Number 2Tick [Company] / Overview
Number 3Check the active Roles
Number 4Tick Contract to start the download of the chosen document

Find general information

Number 1Tick [Tools] / Download
Number 2Depending on the active Roles and country-specific criteria documents or data are shown
Number 3Tick to start the download of the chosen document, repeat your selection, if wanted.
Number 4Tick Back to overview to switch back to [Company] / Overview

Find exports

Number 1Tick Tools / Exports
Number 2Depending on the configurations and exports before, the List of queue exports will show export data
Number 3Tick the arrow - symbol to open the available files.
Number 4Tick to start the download of the chosen data

Create Exports


Please note that [Tools] / Download shows only the queue's exports, that you previously chose at Configuration/ Queue / Exports.