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After reading this, you can work with support cases in the Help Section of the portal.


As a PosCreator or as a PosDealer, you can contact fiskaltrust's Customer Success Team. A call center will answer your call. The agents will create a ticket, as will any E-Mail you send to the country-specific address below. If your request can't be answered with a quick explanation, a Customer Success Team member will make a new case. In that case, you will receive a confirmation via E-Mail.

The Help Section of the fiskaltrust.Portal shows you the option to check all cases assigned to your company. This option also gives the various users of your company an overview of actual open and already closed cases.
If you have any questions, please always use the reply E-Mail. The case number will help you identify the related messages in your inbox.

Work steps

Help Section / Cases

Number 1Help: Tick to open the Help-Area.
Number 2Cases: Tick to open the Cases.
Number 3Search table: Enter a search keyword.
Number 4Selection of the search period: reduce or select the period, when your case has been created.
Number 5Case Number: Tick here to open the description of the case.
Number 6Progress: the progress of a case changes from Identify to Research and Solved.