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Knowledge Base


After reading this, you can use knowledge base articles in the Help Section of the fiskaltrust.Portal.


A knowledge base is typically a collection of articles that contains images and text. In the Help Section of the fiskaltrust.Portal PosDealers or PosOperators find knowledge base articles. Our customer success team's frequent questions are the base for these articles.

As a PosDealer or as a PosOperator, you can browse these articles to learn more about fiskaltrust's products or services or how to solve related problems.

You can avoid possible waiting times with a support request if you first visit the knowledge base in the fiskaltrust.Portal.
If we worked on your issue previously, we have explained a solution.

At the end of each article, you will find the option to leave feedback. In addition to your rating with one up to five stars, leave comments and suggestions. These will help fiskaltrusts Customer Success Team see if the articles meet the needs of PosDealers and help solve problems of PosOperators.

Work steps

Help Section / knowledge base

Number 1Help: Tick to open the Help-Area.
Number 2Knowledge Base Articles: Tick to open the collection of articles.
Number 3Search for articles: Enter a search keyword.
Number 4Choice of language: Select the preferred language, if available.
Number 5Problem: Note the problem description.
Number 6Background: Get more overview with background information.
Number 7Solution: Note that if prerequisites are necessary, you have to meet these before going through the solution steps.
Number 8Was this article helpful?: Your rating and comment will be transmitted with Submit feedback.