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Introduction (Austria)

General and important information

The manual describes the most important functions of the fiskaltrust.portal. Also note the abbreviations in the "List of abbreviations"

The individual pages described are sometimes called up with delays of up to 60 seconds. This is due to the fact that some very complex processes, such as a database search, are carried out in the background.

As many details on the fulfillment of the cash register obligation in 2016 were published at very short notice and not all processes can yet be tested on a larger scale (e.g. nationwide registration via Finanz Online), we apologise for any errors in the start-up phase. For larger applications, please contact our team in advance.

We are pleased about any information for the improvement of our services.


Support information of fiskaltrust consulting gmbh

Please note the following information when using our support. This enables us to process your enquiry as quickly and completely as possible!

fiskaltrust exclusively provides technical support for cash register manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as PosCreators).

The PosCreator and fiskaltrust assure each other of mutual support at least to the same extent and quality as this support is also assured to the respective customers within the framework of the user contracts.

Please read the information available by e-mail or on the Internet in advance!

  • The existing knowledge database can be searched for articles in the fiskaltrust.Portal. Please enter the search text at the top of Search... and start the search with ENTER.

Support requests can be billed to the requesting company.

The support services include:

  • Acceptance of enquiries (electronically or by telephone)
  • Qualified fault processing in our own area of responsibility
  • Forwarding of more complex problems to downstream support units

Each PosDealer or PosCreator is responsible for his own customers.

The PosCreator or PosDealer is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the fiskaltrust security device. fiskaltrust does not know the individual configuration of the respective cash register and only provides the optimum product.

If you have any questions about the individual configuration, please contact your advisor.

We are happy to support the PosCreator or dealer.

To purchase the fiskaltrust products:

  • Products can be ordered at your PosDealer or directly via the fiskaltrust.webshop.
  • Payment is always made by PayPal or SEPA payment.
  • With PayPal you can use a credit card or a bank account.

Accessibility of the support hotline

We ask for your understanding that the response time can take several days due to the extremely large number of inquiries - depending on the complexity.

Please choose only one way to communicate and only the e-mail address

Business hours:

  • Mo-Th. 9:00-16:00
  • Fr. 9:00-13:00

SEPA-Support of the company Slimpay