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FinanzOnline Management


After reading this, you will understand the benefits for PosOperators of connecting their fiskaltrust.Account to FinanzOnline:

  • The Carefree bundle includes FinanzOnline notifications, which include registration of signature creation units, notifications and checks for cash registers like receipts for a start, annual, or stop.
  • PosOperators without a Carefree bundle can purchase them.
  • The Tools / FinanzOnline Notifications page in the fiskaltrust.Portal provides your PosOperators with an overview.

You, as a PosDealer, can choose PosDealer / FinanzOnline management to get an overview of connections with FinanzOnline, and the status of notifications. A reconciliation with FinanzOnline is only necessary if changes to queues or SCUs have been made manually there by you or the PosOperator.

Germany / France

As FinanzOnline Management is only available in Austria, this tutorial does not apply to Germany or France.

FinanzOnline: Overview

The FinanzOnline ordinances created the legal basis for FinanzOnline in Austria in 2006. FinanzOnline provides electronic access to the tax authorities for entrepreneurs and their representatives. In addition, FinanzOnline offers round-the-clock access to relevant tax documents without additional software and provides the services of company service portal (USP) services, such as e-Rechnung. FinanzOnline is constantly being developed into an information and transaction portal in tax matters.

FinanzOnline: Prerequisites for PosOperators

You as PosDealer or as PosOperator start by creating or entering access data for a FinanzOnline user. You must have created this user specifically to use the Pos-System web service. Furthermore, it would help if you had sufficient Entitlements to use FinanzOnline. PosOperators with a Carefree package have unlimited access to these. PosOperators without a Carefree package can purchase them.

Number 1After your login to fiskaltrust.Portal, clarify the existing entitlements for the chosen fiskaltrust account (see Shop / Entitlements for AT_FON_NOTIFICATION). You can purchase them at Shop / Products, if none are available.
Number 2Switch to Tools / FinanzOnline notifications and register your FinanzOnline data.
Number 3For further instructions, see our austrian portal-manual or from BMF: Anmeldung FinanzOnline.

FinanzOnline management:

Prerequisites for PosDealers

You as a PosDealer find PosOperators listed at PosDealer / FinanzOnline Management. Prerequisites for listing are:

Number 1Active contract
Number 2SCU or queue are active in the account of the desired PosOperator
Number 3notifications for FinanzOnline are created

If you miss a PosOperator on this list, check Troubleshooting below.


On the page PosDealer / FinanzOnline Management you will find a button Perform FinanzOnline status update for all PosOperators. Please do not select it without further information, we recommend to read this section including Status check for all PosOperators.

Number 1Enter the fiskaltrust.Portal and select PosDealer / FinanzOnline Management.
Number 2For further investigations on a PosOperator you can use the link to switch to a certain PosOperators account. Select Tools / FinanzOnline notifications to check the state of forwarding or the completeness of the registration data for FinanzOnline.
Number 3Check the actual status of the FinanzOnline Connection at State of FinanzOnline Notifications.

Status check for a single Queue or SCU

Number 1Select the collapser for the details of one of your PosOperators.
Number 2Open the desired tab for details. You can check the amount of available entitlements.If none are available, the tab shows a message like No entitlements to display.
Number 3If necessary, reduce the number of search results displayed by filter criteria like Cash register identification number.
Number 4For a single Queue or on the corresponding tab for a single SCU you can Start a status check at FinanzOnline.

Status check for a single PosOperator

Number 1Select Execute FinanzOnline status update for of one of your PosOperators.
Number 2You have to confirm to send a status request for all queues and SCUs of the selected PosOperator.

Status check for all PosOperators

As a PosDealer, the page PosDealer / FinanzOnline Management provides an overview of the data on queues and SCU of the connected accounts. This data is updated when you open the page. You have learned how to check details and update them if necessary in the sections above. A Status check for all PosOperator is only required if, despite automatic data exchange, somebody made manual changes in FinanzOnline.

Number 1If you still consider it necessary to completely synchronize the data in the fiskaltrust.portal with the data in finanzOnline, use the action Execute FinanzOnline status update for all PosOperators.
Number 2We recommend to check the PosOperators status individually a first. Confirm your decision otherwise.


I miss some of my PosOperators at FinanzOnline Management?

Prerequisites for listing are:

Number 1active contract
Number 2SCU or queue is active in the account of the desired PosOperator
Number 3notifications for FinanzOnline are created
  • If you miss some of your PosOperators at FinanzOnline Management, select PosOperator / Overview to check the invitation status. In case of a missing connection, select PosOperator / Invitations and use History to resend the invitation.
  • If your check at PosOperator / Overview results in a valid connection, switch to the account of your PosOperator for further investigations.
  • Switch to Tools / FinanzOnline notifications to check the access data to FinanzOnline.
  • Having proofed the access data successfully, you can check if the status of Forwarding is set to On.
  • After checking the connection, check the Tab Notifications for notifications. You can either try a new try to send a notification. Or you change to Configuration / Queue and Start a status check at FinanzOnline.


For further details, see


For first steps and further information, see

Please note that some of the included links in this section lead to FinanzOnline, which only keeps its documentation in German.