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This page lists relevant changes and updates in fiskaltrust's cloud services, on-premise products, and documentation.

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Middleware 1.3.6 (Germany)

· 5 min read
PosCreator Experience Team

This release adds the functionality to locally generate our preview version of the DSFinV-K export, and the new production-ready Diebold Nixdorf SCU. Additionally, we fixed several issues and added some smaller improvements, mostly related to special receipt responses.

New feature: Local DSFinV-K export (Preview)

Starting with this version, Middleware users can download the DSFinV-K export not only from the Portal, but also directly from the Middleware's Journal endpoint. This enables users that use the free Middleware only (without any add-ons like the revision-safe cloud storage) to be fully compliant to the tax authorities' regulations.

The ftJournalType for getting a DSFinV-K export is 0x4445000000000002, the returned file is a .zip stream. More details about how to access this endpoint can be found in our docs.

Please note that this is a preview version of the DSFinV-K export, and still contains a few issues and minor limitations:

  • Some VAT rates are currently not calculated correctly, e.g. in lines_vat.csv
  • Depending on how vouchers are booked, they may not yet be properly written into the export.
  • The KASSE_UST_ZUORDNUNG field is not yet filled.

We decided for releasing this preview versions despite the known limitations to both give POS Creators the opportunity to already implement everything, and also gather as much direct feedback as possible. We will focus on resolving the open points as soon as possible and will release a new version with a feature-complete export soon.

New SCU: Diebold Nixdorf

After testing our Diebold Nixdorf SCU thoroughly on the sandbox and obtaining some customer feedback (also via Github - thanks to everyone who reached out), we released the Diebold Nixdorf SCU to production. It therefore can be used and configured via the Portal the exact same way as our other SCUs.

Combined with the possibility to order these TSEs via our Portal's shop, we hope to be able to support all customer demands who plan to work with this hardware now.

New feature: More detailed responses for closing and out-of-operation receipts

We got some customer feedback about missing information in daily-closing and out-of-operation receipt responses, and therefore included some additional data to them:

  • Responses to daily-closing receipts now contain the upcounting DailyClosingNumber property in the JSON body of the ftStateData field. This makes it possible to reference this number e.g. in later receipts without the requirement to count the daily closings in the POS software itself.
  • Equivalent to initial-operation receipts, out-of-operation receipts now properly create notifications in both the SignatureItems of the response and the Action Journal. While the German tax authorities still don't require this (this regulation was deferred), we're now prepared to properly handle these notifications as soon as they become mandatory.

New feature: Strongly signed interface package

As we received some requests from our customers for a fiskaltrust.interface NuGet package with a strong name, we decided to provide an additional package with these capabilities. The fiskaltrust.interface.StrongName package can be downloaded from

Stability improvement: Exception handling

We fixed two issues related to exception handling in this release. The first one was a bug that we accidentally introduced in version 1.3.5 and made the Middleware freeze in certain cases when an exception occurred in the Queue, e.g. when the sent ftCashBoxId was not matching.

The second issue was less critical, but annoying as it hid other errors. In some cases, customers who use gRPC did not receive real exception messages, but an exception that The gRPC trailing metadata exceeded the allowed size. The reason is that we append error details to this trailing metadata - an example of how to read this can be found in our gRPC samples. This issue is now resolved as well.

How to update

Existing configurations with versions greater than 1.3.1 continue to work, but we of course recommend updating, especially if you're affected by one of the mentioned bugs or depend on the local DSFinV-K generation.

If you are affected by the gRPC issue, please also update your Launcher by re-downloading it from the Portal.

As always, updates can be rolled out by selecting the new version in the fiskaltrust.Portal and re-building the configuration. The updated Middleware instances will then automatically pull the new packages at the next startup.

Affected packages

Packages not listed here were not updated, as we decided to not increase the version of unchanged packages. All packages with versions greater or equal to 1.3.1 are compatible with each other (it is e.g. possible to use fiskaltrust.Middleware.SCU.Swissbit.1.3.1 with the new packages).

  • fiskaltrust.Middleware.Queue.EF v1.3.6
  • fiskaltrust.Middleware.Queue.SQLite v1.3.6
  • fiskaltrust.Middleware.Queue.MySQL v1.3.6-rc1 (sandbox only)
  • fiskaltrust.Launcher v1.3.6
  • fiskaltrust.interface.StrongName v1.3.1

Next steps in the Middleware

We will continue to enhance the data experience in the Middleware to be make sure to fulfill all audit requirements before September 30. This includes finishing the DSFinV-K and TAR file exports, both locally and from the data stored in our cloud platform. As we added all-new features and packages with this update, we would be especially happy to hear feedback and suggestions via